QPR TrainingOrganization History

The Alger County Community Collaborative (AC3) was re-established in 2013 after a 3 year hiatus. In 2014, the AC3 adopted the Communities That Care program (CTC), to provide evidenced based prevention programming for all 6th thru 12th grade Alger County youth. Alger youth survey results guide the CTC process in implementing only those programs that directly respond to our youth’s specific needs. We have had two rounds of survey, with a 3rd scheduled for 2018. We have six active CTC work groups with 30 plus members and over 100 AC3 members receiving emails, volunteering or attending meetings.

Mission and goal

“Alger County United and Thriving: Promoting a safe, healthy and prosperous environment for all youth and adults.”

Current programs, activities and accomplishments

  • January 17-Key Leader Data Release-the Brownstone Inn-30 attended
  • January 18-AC3/Community Data Release-APRD Gym-50 attended
  • January 27 –AC3 assisted the Women’s Center and Sault Tribe with the Stalking Event at Valley Spur
  • February 18-AC3/Key Club-UP 200 Sled Dog Races-covered crossings throughout Alger County
  • February 24-AC3 Data release at Munising Baptist (Data release at Sup. Central, Au Train, Grand Marais and Munising occurred in December)
  • March 8-AC3 Meeting- Spot light speaker-MSP Lt. Sergeant Nicole Hirsote-Internet Safety
  • March-QPR Suicide Prevention Trainings (Question, Persuade and Refer) All staff and coaches in all 4 Public School Districts and the Baptist School. 7th-12th grade students in the Public Schools and 7th and 8th at the Baptist School.
  • April 4-AC3 support for Domestic Violence month
  • April 12-AC3-Community discussion regarding suicide (response to teen suicide in our community) and how to talk with your neighbors, friends, co workers, relatives and children
  • April 24-AC3, 2nd annual youth Career Fair @APRD- 3 Public School Districts and the Baptist School attended-8th and 9th 30 vendors plus in services (x3) in financial aid, DHHS –TIP and Tribal benefits and Middle College. 180 students attended.
  • April 25-28- AC3 chosen program-Guiding Good Choices completed with 8 parents attending/participating. To be run quarterly.
  • April-Botvins Life Skills Completed to all 6th thru 8th (plus 9th grade at Sup. Central) in all 4 Public School Districts and the Baptist School. LMAS, MARESA and Sheriff Department provided the instructors
  • April-Big Brothers/Big Sisters completes Girl and Dude Power at Sup. Central and Munising. 6 matches
  • April-AC3 purchased Narcotic Anonymous for newly formed group
  • May 10-AC3 Meeting- Spot light speaker Liz Wiener-MSU 4-H
  • May 16-18-AC3 Prime for Life for Drug Court-12 participants.
  • May 19-AC3/Great Lakes Recovery-Mental Health First Aid
  • May 19-20-AC3 Pizza with a Purpose-Raised $7,400.00 for suicide prevention/reducing stigma
  • May 22-Kevin Hines (mental health advocate/suicide prevention) speaks to all 7th -12th grade youth at Superior Central and Munising HS. Grand Marais and Munising Baptist youth attended. Open to county residents
  • May 31-June 1-AC3/Asist Training-UP Suicide Coalition
  • May-AC3 joined with the Drop in Center to run weekly ad’s regarding Mental Health Awareness month
  • August 1- Cooking Carberry fundraiser for AC3 programs
  • August 29- Hired school social worker, Monica Nordeen. Munising, Superior Central and Grand Marais. AC3 donated $ 23,000 plus $ 7,000 grant=30,000 to hire. MPS, S.C. and G.M. paid for the rest
  • August 31-Positive Action training for Munising Elementary teacher. Program implemented in conjunction with MARESA, GLCYD, GSC and the AC3
  • September 9-‘It’s All in the Barn’- 200 plus people attended our farm to table fundraiser held at the MSU North Farm.
  • October 10- The documentary ‘Screenagers’ was shown at Grand Marais (40 individuals) and Munising Auditorium (40 individuals attended). The documentary educated about youth brain development and screen use.
  • October 14-AC3 sponsored a table and assisted in the MSU Harvest Fest at the MSU South Farm
  • October 20-AC3 threw an event: Exceptional Senior Calendar Portrait Party at Valley Spur. 28 ‘exceptional’ seniors and their families attended. Soup, bread, cookies were served.
  • November 3- Toured School Based Clinic in Newberry-MMH, MPS, AC3. Grant to be written for School Based clinics in Munising and Sup. Central
  • November 5 –Ms. Bobbi Ayotte was on the Ryan Report. Suicide Prevention efforts in Alger County. Over 600 trained.
  • November 8-QPR training Burt Township 6th-8th grade students (5)
  • November 16 and 21-QPR Training Munising 7th/8th grade students (46)
  • December 7-QPR Training Munising 6th grade students (26)
  • December 9-Prime for Life -11 participants

To download a document version of the 2017 Recap, click here: AC3 2017 recap.